Meetings & Jams

Here are all the Jams & Meetings I plan to do for the G.A.M.E. project. Each time I will complete one of those, there will be a link below to see the Jam game and/or access to the review of the meeting.
Obviously, this list will evolve with time, and is still WIP :)

15-16 November 2014 / Montpellier – France

Here is the link of my game Video and Post-Mortem

21 November 2014 / Montpellier – France

I've been to the Montpellier in Game event (MiG). The whole afternoon was dedicated to masterclasses for Game Designer students (and other Video game professions).
The journey was pretty complete, as each masterclass concerned a unique subject. Here are the four subjects approaches :

- Child of Light | Global Game Design in a small Ubisoft team (by Aurélie Debant)
- Watch Dogs | UI Design, modularity and "presentation team" (by Kaermack Polewska)
- Bioshock, Tomb Raider... | Narrative Design - an Emotional journey (by Susan O'Connor)
- Mobile Games | Is the freemium business model a solution ? (by Christian Dussart)

5-8 December 2014 / Nice – France

The 31st Ludum Dare was made at home, and the theme was "Entire Game in one screen".
I decided to give it a shot in 48 hours, in order to work under pressure. I also wanted to work on an actuality subject, which was censor of the website The Pirate Bay in France (my country). The experience was great, and I'm quite satisfied with the result.

Here is the link of my Post-Mortem. 

You'll find a link of the game on it, leading to the Ludum Dare website. You can download The Corsair Bay there and play it as long as you want to!

20-23 January 2015 / Auckland – New Zealand
Onsite (Media Design School ?)

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